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Rules and Procedures Overview

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These XPO Stacktrain Rules and Procedures are intended to establish, explain and supplement the terms and conditions under which Stacktrain will arrange for wholesale intermodal transportation services. Unless we agree otherwise in writing, these Rules apply to all shipments tendered by wholesale customers for transportation on the Stacktrain transportation network.

These Rules and Procedures are a part of the XPO Stacktrain Information Directory. Other sections of the Directory, available on-line through the Services page of this web site, are intended to acquaint you with our products, capabilities, resources, and business processes. The Directory also includes important forms (PDF format) and links to secure Stacktrain transactional systems.

While we will endeavor to provide advance notice of changes, we reserve the right to change these Rules from time to time without notice. The terms, conditions, limitations, charges and services of these Rules and Procedures in effect on the date that the shipment is tendered for transportation will apply.

Stacktrain customers should obtain the version of these Rules and Procedures in effect on the date of shipment tender. You may review the current version of these Rules on-line or use the download link, below, to print a hard-copy of the document in its entirety or specific pages.

We also issue Stack Facts to provide current information about critical operating issues. You should review and comply with these Stack Facts and communicate them to your customers and others involved in the transportation.


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