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Out-Gate Repairs: Road Service for Out-Gated Equipment

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For assistance in repairing or replacing equipment discovered not in good working order on the terminal, dray carriers should contact customer service 1-866-876-7281.

Required Information:

  1. Carrier name
  2. Contact person and phone number
  3. Pacer container and chassis number
  4. Customer/IMC
  5. Rail ramp location
  6. Repair needed


As an intermodal equipment provider, XPO Stacktrain d/b/a XPO ("we" or XPO") provides emergency road service for owner-related repairs to XPO equipment after the out-gate from a XPO terminal or container yard. This service is provided as an added benefit to our customers to assist their dray carriers in the timely delivery of shipments

The following policy defines the conditions under which XPO will cover the cost of out-gate repair service.

XPO Road Service Hotline: 1-877-227-6240

In general, XPO will pay only for owner-related repairs to chassis tires and brakes, internal air lines and the internal electrical wiring harness. Because it is often difficult to determine whether failures are owner or user related, XPO has adopted the following rules of engagement to ensure the smooth administration of road service repairs and to attempt to make the policy as clear and fair as possible to the parties involved.

General Rules

  • The dray carrier is responsible to ensure that all containers and chassis are in good working order and are safe, roadworthy and loadable and meet applicable transportation safety laws and regulations prior to out-gate. If a driver has a request for a repair that is denied on the terminal or yard, the XPO M&R supplier will provide a signed documentation of the request and the denial, and the reason for the denial, and the dray carrier will not be responsible for any subsequent failure of this component.
  • If the equipment is missing license plates and registrations, the dray carrier can obtain a replacement by contacting in the XPO Equipment Planning and Control Department Bobby Fannin (614)766-145 during normal business hours. Replacements should be obtained before out-gate.
  • If the road service is necessary due to tire or mechanical issues, the driver should first contact XPO Road Service Hotline. XPO must authorize any repair costing over $250 before the repair is started.
  • When contacting XPO Road service, the following information will be requested:
    1. Driver Name
    2. Tractor #
    3. Company Name
    4. Loaded or Empty
    5. Company phone #
    6. Cellular phone number to driver if applicable
    7. Chassis and container #
    8. Breakdown city and state
    9. Exact breakdown location (i.e. business name and address or Interstate and exit number)
    10. Repair required
    11. Position to be worked on
    12. Apparent Cause

      If Tire:
      • Defect (Flat, Peeled cap)
      • Position on unit (RFI, RFO)
      • Tire Size
  • If XPO and the dray carrier are both responsible for some portion of the repairs on the call, the road service dispatch fee and service call will be split between XPO and the dray carrier. Each party will pay for those repairs for which it is responsible directly to the road service provider
  • Any repairs to XPO equipment, whether paid for by the dray carrier or XPO, must be performed in compliance with applicable AAR and IANA M&R standards.
  • The road service provider does not have the authority to override the rules in this policy, nor will the road service provider entertain a request to call a XPO M&R representative. If there is a problem or dispute with any section of this policy, it will be necessary for the dray carrier or customer to contact a XPO M&R representative. The dispute will be reviewed and a decision made as to whether XPO will reimburse the charges. If a road service provider has failed to enforce the policy properly, or if XPO determines that it should absorb the repair cost, the dray carrier will be reimbursed for the charges within 45 days of receipt of the dispute.
  • XPO will pay for the replacement of the first tire on an individual half axle, unless the tire has been determined to have been damaged by the dray carrier or failed due to a condition that should have been detected before the out-gate of the equipment from the terminal or container yard. The judgment of the mechanic present at the incident will prevail in determining the cause of the failure.
  • The dray carrier will pay for the second tire on any half-axle unless it is clearly an owner-related failure.
  • Road service providers and the road service provider’s tire supplier must ensure that these tires are clearly marked with the chassis #, date removed, and location on the chassis from which the tire was removed as well as a photo clearly showing the tire markings. Each tire must be held at the tire supplier’s location for 7 days to allow XPO the opportunity to inspect the tires.
  • Used tires and non-intermodal tires are not an acceptable replacement on XPO equipment. If a road service provider’s supplier applies a used tire, XPO should be notified immediately.
  • If a road service provider calls a supplier to the site at the request of the dray carrier and the dray carrier subsequently dismisses the road service provider’s supplier in order to use a different tire supplier, the dray carrier will be responsible for road service provider’s full service charge for the dry–run. The dray carrier must pay XPO for the replacement of the tire if it is subsequently determined that a tire applied by the dray carrier does not meet FHWA standards or is a used tire or a non-intermodal tire.

Repairs Not Covered by XPO Road Service

  • XPO will not provide road service for loaded or empty equipment after out-gate from a rail terminal or container yard under the following conditions:
    • The equipment is missing any FHWA and/or California BIT, license plate or registration.
    • The repair is associated with an accident involving the equipment.
    • The repairs are to a container.
    • The repairs are to landing legs, lights, lenses, chassis locks or glad hands.
    • The tire(s) have been damaged by user, including:
      • Cut or torn
      • Run flat and skid flat
      • Flat tire
      • Missing

Rules Regarding Damage Discovered After Loading

  • If a loaded container is discovered to have damage after unloading that was not visible to the driver at the time of out-gate (i.e., damage to roofs, floors) or the container has a temporary or improper repair that would make it unsuitable for re-loading, the dray carrier may either return that container to a facility authorized by XPO or arrange and pay for any necessary repairs, up to $50.00 per container. Repairs over $50.00 require authorization from XPO before the repairs are started.
  • If it is determined that damages occurred during the loading or unloading process (i.e., cuts, scuff rail damage, etc.), XPO will not cover the cost of any resultant repairs and may bill the repair costs to the dray carrier.
  • If the container must be returned for repair, XPO will endeavor, upon request, to provide the dray carrier/customer with an alternate container for reloading. If the container is needed for reloading and the container’s location is more than 50 miles from a XPO facility, a XPO M&R representative is authorized to work with the dray carrier to find a mutually acceptable means of obtaining out-gate repairs for this container. This will require a call directly to the appropriate XPO M&R representative.


To report a bad order and request replacement equipment online, contact Equipment Reservations.

Equipment Reservations:
  Phone: 877-816-1810 (CST: 6:00 am-7:00 pm M-F, 8:00 am-12:00 pm Sat.)
  Online: See Section 1.5.1 in the ERS Training Manual: Customer Orders and Inquiries


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